The technology that turns your everyday transactions into climate action

tHE payment system

Moving money around the world with the toco payment network is not only cost-effective, fast and secure, it also helps reduce carbon in the atmosphere.

Payments can be made instantly online (using our website or the toco app) or at participating point-of-sale locations by scanning merchants' toco QR codes. User accounts are opened and managed on the decentralised platform.


Anyone can use it, anywhere

The payment system is accessible to anyone with an entry-level smartphone and data connectivity.

Send, receive and pay in an instant

Transactions are quick and easy, no matter where you are sending or spending your money.

Based on environmental assets

Tocos are based on credible, verified carbon mitigation assets such as offsets, credits and avoidances.

Your money is secure

The network is built on blockchain technology and designed with your security in mind.

Responsibly regulated to keep you safe

The payment network is committed to compliance and consumer protection. It supports regulatory efforts in the fight against money laundering, terrorism, and other unlawful behaviour.

Total transparency

The blockchain technology is used to record all asset and currency transactions. This makes it possible for any third party to verify and audit both the assets held in the Carbon Reserve and the total tocos in circulation.

About the blockchain

The payment network is based on blockchain technology, providing key features like immutability, distribution, and transparency to end users. The implementation leverages the Substrate framework, which was designed to be flexible, modular, and highly customizable. The consensus mechanism makes payments secure and consistent, while also supporting a high level of throughput. Forkless runtime upgrades enable the blockchain to evolve and improve over time.

Turn your everyday purchases into climate action with toco

You can easily exchange your local currency for tocos using the toco app. From there, you can spend, save or trade tocos.
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