building a trusted financial network that accelerates decarbonisation

By empowering people everywhere to participate in combatting climate change.
About us

We are an independent foundation providing market infrastructure to open up carbon markets to global communities and help accelerate the demand for decarbonisation

our objective

A new digital currency

The Carbon Reserve issues and supports a global digital currency called toco, which is based on verified atmospheric carbon reductions. Each toco represents one tonne of carbon removed from the atmosphere. Tocos can be bought and stored in a digital wallet and easily used to pay for goods and services.

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Carbon mitigation assets

Based on the value of carbon mitigation

The Carbon Reserve holds a portfolio of carbon mitigation assets (CMAs). A CMA is any instrument generated as part of a scheme, project, or programme that reduces or offsets atmospheric carbon. CMAs are measured in metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gasses (tCO2e) removed from the atmosphere.

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Actioned by a global movement

The Carbon Reserve supports a movement of ordinary people, united across broaders, who agree that removing carbon from the atmosphere is in our common interest. The simplest way to demonstrate this agreement is to use carbon mitigation as a means to store, exchange and account for value amongst ourselves - as the basis for money.

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Run on a fast, secure payment network

Toco transactions take place on a permissioned blockchain that has two key functions: to process and record toco transactions and to maintain a permanent registry of assets held by the Carbon Reserve. Tocos are issued to unique digital wallets created by toco account holders.

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to provide global citizens and corporations with a safe, flexible, and stable monetary system that enables and supports credible atmospheric carbon reduction

The Carbon Reserve implements monetary policy to achieve its dual mandate:

Expand the money supply responsibly in such a manner that it contributes to achieving the CO2e concentration pathway recommended by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).


Fulfil this mandate in such a manner that the carbon mitigation value of its currency, measured in mitigated tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, is achieved and maintained.

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Turn your everyday purchases into climate action with toco

You can easily exchange your local currency for tocos using the toco app. From there, you can spend, save or trade tocos.
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